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So once upon a time in a town called Walthamstow in a city called London, Stella Taliadoros was born. 18 months later, out popped Antigone Taliadoros and so the story continues.

The two sisters were born into a family of crazy Greek Cypriots, who loved to eat food and dress them in random clothing. Stella often looked like a boy with picky curly hair and often spotted wearing socks and sandals. As the years went by, the sisters developed their fashion style and began using the word ´Ghetro´to describe it, as it was a little Ghetto and a little Retro. They used to wear tracksuits all day long, but over the years decided that this look was no longer working and needed to dress a bit more feminine. Tiggy even had a 'Ghetro' themed 18th.

So they used the word amongst themselves and with freinds and decided to spread the word to the world. They started blogging about fellow Ghetro peeps and Ghetro stuff. This blogging got better and better and they started going to events, meeting people and spreading the word. They interviewed up and coming artists, fashion and events and had a ball of a time.

One day someone decided to hack into their site and post rubbish on it so that everytime somone went onto their site evil things would happen. Soon afte,r Google decided to block their site and all their hard work had to be scrapped and their site had to be started again! A few months later the sisters made a new site with new and fresh Ghetroness and spreaded the word once again!

Peace and Love to all the supporters stay funky and fresh and Ghetro.


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Wanna speak to us?

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Stella Taliadoros

Stella Taliadoros

Hi I'm Stella. A 24 year who makes documentaries, likes youtubing random shizz in particular dance to cool songs. I love dancing in particular Tap dance. A highlight of my life was doing the Inca Trail and reaching Machu Picchu after a 4 day trek! I talk a lot when i'm passionate about the subject so be warned! I love drinking coffee... good coffee... not shit coffee.


Antigone Taliadoros

Antigone Taliadoros

Antigone is the name (pronounced An-tig-on-knee) or just call me Tiggy for the fun of it! Im a 23 year old graduate with an Events Management degree under my belt. The past 8 months I have been on a blessful journey around North, South & Central America seeing the wonderful sights, sounds and of local people.. do I miss it? Hell to tha yeah! My dream job would be a Stage Manager at live music events **plug in plug in** wink wink!

Blog Posts

13 June

Watch out Rude Boy

Return of the Rudeboy   Somerset house presents, Return of the Rudeboy an exhibition by Photographer and Filmaker Dean Chalkley and fashion-industry creative director Harris Elliott. The collection encompasses photographs taken over the duration of the last year showing people displaying the ‘Rudeboy’ attire. The style originating from 1950′s Jamaica, the exhibition shows a modern twist to the sartorial look.  “The style was closely connected to the music movements of the time; their initial inspiration derived from American Jazz and R&B…

06 May

Ghetro Gals in NYC

Sooo we like to get around… We got Snap snap happy in New York, as you do of course. Here’s a few moments from our wonderful trip that we wanna share. We want to make you jealous really! Muhaha. Travel is an important part of who we are and what we do, it’s about experience and meeting people, enabling you to progress as a person! Sounds cheesy so it’s true! At this point in my life, I know I will…

03 May

Raleigh Ritchie

  There once was a time when British new comers were dominating the UK music scene, then it vanished. It has suddenly popped up again with a huddle of youngsters such as Ella Eyre, John Newman & Sam Smith who all have amazing talent, but it all sounds samsey these days.  There once was a time when I had all the time in the world and I used to sit and look for new music- then I got a job!…

30 April


Sooo, have you heard of Calisthenics??   Do you want to get fit but hate the gym? Well then Calisthenics is the way forward! We were first introduced into the world of calisthenics when we were in Miami May last year. We met a group of guys from New York that were involved in a team called Barstarzz. We were in a bar (one that involves music and alcohol) and they started throwing their business cards all over the place….

28 April

Nike Hurrache OG MADNESS!!

Sneaker heads…   Would you believe that most of the traffic to our site is from people googling Nike Hurraches! WTF man. Anyways, I thought i’d embrace this an have a moan about how expensive trainers are right now. I remember a time in which trainers were between £30- 60, stretching to £100 for Nike Tn’s. But OMFG what has happened? trainers have become some sort of masterpiece! They are being bought and resold for hundreds! It’s actually crazy. The oldskool…

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